How to Achieve the Coastal Grandma Look

Beach living is a way of life here on the coast of Connecticut, so it goes without saying that the ‘coastal grandma’ trend really hits home for me.

I love everything about this aesthetic. Neutral colors, loose fitting silhouettes and natural textures like linen and straw just speak to me, ya know?

So I’m holding onto summer for as long as I can with this trend.

Diane Keaton & Jack Nicholson in Something’s Gotta Give

Now you don’t have to actually be a grandma to live the coastal grandma lifestlye. It’s more of a vibe.

Think easy, slow-paced days by the ocean, with picnic lunches packed in a basket and cozy, fuss-free outfits that make relaxing easy. The style is timeless, simple but sophisticated and casual.

It’s literally summer perfection (for all ages). I mean, wouldn’t you just love to be Diane Keaton in that pic!

Here’s Zara’s take on the trend:

I just love both of those looks.

Now while we’re talking about all the things coastal grandma IS, let’s also discuss all the things coastal grandma ISN’T. You won’t find any kitschy, theme-heavy pieces in this aesthetic (sorry Lilly Pulitzer).

That means no shells, no anchors, no little sea creatures. We’re not going for preppy, nautical grandma here – that’s a whole different look.

We want airy, effortless and chic.

Here’s how some other stores are styling the trend:

Anthropologie Flowy Maxi Dress
& Other Stories Half Zip Sweater

This trend honestly speaks to me like no other. Please try this one out; I promise you’ll love it too!

And if you want a little added inspiration, take a peak at some of my favorite coastal grandma picks below.

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